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At Clinica del Mar you will find enthusiastic profesionals whose sole objective is improving your health.


We specialise in cosmmetic dentistry and offer a premium service whilst leveraging the latest techniques and most advanced technology. We don't believe a "low cost" health service, we believe in a premium service at a fair price. 

We have experience in communicating with patients  in different languages including German, Italian, French, Danish, of course, Spanish.


The dental team is currently led by Monica Minutella Albarracin, a profesional with over 27 years of experience in the industry and an expert in oral surgery and dental aesthetics. 


We invest the neccessary time to understand our patients' cases, answer their questions and making sure that also patients have a full understanding of the techniques and treatments.

I've you're visiting from abroad check our Health Geo Programme

About Us


Oral Surgery


Extractions of teeth of complex judgment, cysts, sinus lifts

Dental Hygiene


 Help keep your teeth and gums healthy by thorough cleaning

Cosmetic Dentistry


Add a sparkle to your smile that can leave you with greater confidence

Other Treatments


Acupuncture, physiotherapy and Homeopathy is also available in our clinic

Our Services


Years of Experience


Smiling  Clients




Happy Staff

Our Team


Fotografia de Administrador Massimo
Administration Consulting
Massimo Marchesotti
Fotografia de Administrador Claudio
Claudio Del Zotto
Fotografia de Dra. Paloma
Oral Surgery
Dra. Paloma Ingelmo
Fotografia de Dra. Minutella
Medical Director
Oral Surgery
Dra. Mónica Minutella
Fotografia de Dra. Bea
Oral Surgery & Endodontist
Dra. Bea López
Fotografia de Dra. Vazquez
Oral Surgery
Dra. María José Vázquez
Fotografia de Recepcionista Andreea
Andreea Parvu
Fotografia de Higienista Miguel Ale
Dental Assistant
Alejandro Sanchez Salcedo
Fotografia de Higienista Miguel Angel
Dental Hygienist
Miguel Ángel Camacho
Fotografia de Recepcionista Andres
Andrés Duarte Gil
Fotografia de Auxiliar Loredana
Dental Assistant
Loredana Padovese
Fotografia de Homeopata Tina
Naturopath and Acupuncture
Tina Hausser
Fotografia de Auxiliar Aroa
Dental Assistant
Aroa Quesada
Fotografia de Auxiliar Alvaro
Dental Assistant
Alvaro Puig
Fotografia de Auxiliar Andrea
Dental Assistant
Andrea Ruiz
Fotografia de Higienista Daniel
Dental Assistant
Daniel Laguardia
Success Stories


Clínica del Mar TV

Clínica del Mar TV

Clínica del Mar TV
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Clinica Dra. Minutella - Ceuta

Clinica Dra. Minutella - Ceuta

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Clinica del Mar - 2023

Clinica del Mar - 2023

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Dr. Minutella's Interview

Dr. Minutella's Interview

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Contact Us


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Our Addresses

Granada: Calle Alhambra 2, La Herradura, 

Granada, Spain (18697)

Ceuta: Paseo del Revellin, 7 Primero D 
Ceuta, Spain (51001)

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00h – 14.00h and

16.00h – 20:00h


La Herradura (English, Spanish, German): +34 958 82 79 29


Ceuta (Spanish): +34 956 511 947

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