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Welcome to our Health Geo Programme!

This programme is designed for patients currently living abroad who would like to benefit from the services offered at Clínica del Mar. The process to benefit from our expertise and services is explained below - let us know if you have any questions.

Note that at Clinica del Mar we don't believe in "low cost healthcare", we believe in a premium service at a fair local price. You may be able to take advantage of local lower price relative to your home country by coming to see us.

Estimated Cost (London):

£140-£290, depending on the type of scan needed. Paid CT scan center

Diagnosis cost: 

£130 paid to Clinica del Mar ahead of the Telepresence meeting

Treatment cost: 

A treatment quote can only be sent after the doctors have assessed the case and discussed with the patient 

Begin your treatment!

Send us a 3D scan which you can take at a local  CT scan center


Contact us find out about out international scan center partners

Lets talk via video call or in person (if you would like to meet the team in person, get to know the area and see the  clinic whilst spending a some time in the Spanish coast!)


It is key that we explain the medical team's diagnosis and what you're looking to achieve to ensure we give you the treatment you want

After discussing your case and possible treatments we will send you a treatment plan 


The treatment plan will include a quote, timeline and specific details about your treatment. A quote cannot be provided without having seen your scan and having discusses possible treatment plans with you

Once we have answer all your questions and you're happy with the plan we can begin the treatment 


Enjoy a few days in the sun whilst getting the smile you deserve!


Thanks! Message sent. We will get back to you shortly.

Our Addresses

Granada: Calle Alhambra 2, La Herradura, 

Granada, Spain (18697)

Ceuta: Paseo del Revellin, 7 Primero D 
Ceuta, Spain (51001)

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00h – 14.00h and

16.00h – 19:00h



+34 958 82 79 29

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